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Glocal Services

Glocal Workforce Pvt. Ltd. is a Full Service overseas manpower supplier/overseas recruitment agency that offers the most inclusive service to both employer clients and candidate jobseekers.

  • Services for Job Seekers
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What we do

Our Services

Overseas Recruitment

We specialize in connecting skilled Nepali workers with top employers in Europe and Gulf countries, ensuring a seamless recruitment process.
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Travel Management

Our comprehensive travel management services take care of all your travel needs, from visa arrangements to flight bookings and accommodation.
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We provide extensive training programs to prepare our candidates with the skills and knowledge required for their overseas job roles."
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Our expert consultation services offer personalized guidance and support to help candidates navigate the complexities of working abroad.
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Service for Both Job Seekers and Employers


Services for Job Seekers

At Glocal Workforce Nepal, we offer end-to-end support for job seekers aiming to work abroad. From personalized career counseling and connecting you with reputable employers in Europe and Gulf countries, to providing thorough pre-departure training, we ensure you are fully prepared for your new role. Our travel management services handle all logistics, including visa processing, flight arrangements, and accommodation. Even after you start your job, we continue to provide support to ensure your experience abroad is smooth and successful.


Services for Employers

At Glocal Workforce Nepal, we provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the staffing needs of employers in Europe and Gulf countries. We specialize in sourcing skilled and dedicated Nepali workers, ensuring they match your specific job requirements. Our meticulous recruitment process includes thorough candidate screening, interviews, and background checks to guarantee high-quality hires. Additionally, we handle all aspects of travel management for your new employees, from visa processing to travel arrangements. Our commitment extends beyond placement, as we offer ongoing support to both employers and employees to ensure a seamless integration and successful working relationship.

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